Octopus Wet-Dry Slide (25' x 13' x 13') All Day Rental

Backyard Bounce


25'L x 13'D x 13'H

This Combination Bouncy Castle features a large bounce area and a big slide!  It can be operated dry or hook up a hose and it turns into a water-park and water-slide.

Price is for a one day rental (approx 6-8 hours total rental time).

Price includes delivery, set-up, take-down and pick-up.

  • Maximum 150 lb each person, 700 lb. total capacity. 
  • High-visibility mesh around all sides
  • This high quality bouncer is made out of COMMERCIAL GRADE 0.55mm PLATO PVC material. 
  • Capacity: 1-4 years - max 10 kids; 5-8 years - max 9 kids; 9-12 years - max 8 kids; 13 and older - max 4 kids

This Combination Bouncy Castle features a large bounce area, and a big slide! It is fully enclosed for safety and equipped with safety ramp to provide safe entrance and exit. This unit can be used outdoors as well as indoors (e.g.: front/backyard and parks, community halls, gyms or other indoor spaces with higher ceilings). It's great for birthday parties, weddings, family gatherings and festivals!  Must be operated without water if set up indoors.

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