Is your company licensed and insured? 
Yes we are fully licensed and insured. Backyard Bounce carries $5,000,000 liability insurance.
How safe is it to rent a Bouncy Castle?
Our inflatables are constructed with safety in mind and are made with high quality fire retardant 0.55mm PLATO PVC. All of our units have the ramp-step for easy entry/exit and mesh netting which allows for easy viewing. It is important that all users follow the rules listed below and in our rental agreement.
What are your rules/regulations?
  • Adult supervision is required all the time while the inflatable is in use. Never leave children unattended.
  • The inflatable must be fully inflated before any children are allowed inside and unit must remain fully inflated until everyone is out.
  • All riders should be of compatible age and weight.
  • An adult must operate the equipment at ALL times.
  • Keep children away from the blower.
  • The unit will be anchored to the ground at all times with stakes or sandbags and should never be removed.
  • Exit the unit immediately if the bounce unit begins to lose air.
  • Remove shoes, eyeglasses, jewelry or any sharp objects before entering the bouncer.
  • No pets are to be allowed in the Inflatable at any time.
  • No food, beverages, gum or candy in the bounce house at any time.
  • Do not wrestle, run, push or climb the walls.
  • Do not allow bouncers to run or jump through the entrance of the bounce house. It is recommended that all riders enter and exit the bounce house in a seated position.
  • No oil based face paints to be allowed in the bouncer. They smudge easily and will leave a lot of stains on the vinyl and netting, they can also make surfaces slippery. Water based paints are allowed and perfectly safe.
  • No Confetti. And No Silly String (or any like substance) should not be used in or around the bounce unit. Silly string will melt and permanently stick to the bounce unit, resulting in costly repairs/replacement of the unit.
  • No fireworks near the inflatable.

How many children can bounce at a time?
Please refer to specific bouncer specifications for general guidelines and capacity. However keep in mind that only compatible sized children must play on the unit at the same time, regardless of age. Different sized children should not be mixed to keep the little ones safe. If needed, split kids into groups.
What happens if the weather is not cooperating?
Because safety of your children is our top priority Backyard Bounce reserves the right to make the final decision to cancel a rental due to bad weather. Deliveries could be delayed or cancelled due to bad weather conditions. If forecast predicts wind speeds of 30km/hr or higher, 60% or higher chance of rain, we will contact you the day prior to, or the morning of your rental to discuss relocation or rescheduling options. We can under no circumstances set up an Inflatable unit in high winds or if it is actively raining due to the increased chance of injury.
WARNING: Bounce units must never be used when wet inside and/or when winds are 30km/hr or stronger. Inflatables become very slippery and dangerous when wet. If these situations occur, all riders must be evacuated and unit must be deflated until the winds die down and/or the rain stops. Once the storm passes, re-inflate the unit and dry off the inside before using the unit again.
What if I need to cancel the rental for any reason?
We understand that life is full of surprises so we try to offer you as much flexibility as possible. There are NO cancellation fees, so if weather doesn’t cooperate on the day of your booking or your child gets sick you can cancel or reschedule at no charge, however we do appreciate as much notice as possible.
Where can I set up a Bounce Unit?
Our inflatables can be set up at any privately owned or rented location that provides adequate space. Ideally bounce houses should be set up on grass and secured with pegs, so be sure that the setup area is free of underground utilities.  Bounce units can also be set up on asphalt, or cement driveways. In that case the bounce unit will be secured with sandbags. Setup area should be leveled, with little or no slope.

Surface must be clean of debris (sticks, stones, mud, etc.), tree roots, or pet waste. Please make sure you have no underground sprinkler lines and ensure that the timer is not set to go off during the time your rental. Under no circumstances will an inflatable be set up on dirt, gravel, or other loose, sharp, or otherwise potentially damaging surface.
A bounce house can be set up indoors given space and power criteria are met, and also making sure that there is enough vertical space once unit is fully inflated.

We cannot set up bounce houses on beaches.
How big of an area do I need to set up a Bounce House?
Take a size of a bounce unit you are renting and add another 2 - 3 feet around it’s perimeter to provide safe access, prevent equipment damage, and allow for blowers to be hooked up. Make sure to measure in advance as our staff will not set up a Bounce in an area that is unsafe to the equipment or the participants. This does not only apply to the ground but also means that there cannot be any overhead obstacles such as branches or power lines above the area that the bounce will be placed.
Do you deliver and set up your castles?
Yes, our delivery, setup, take-down and pick up is included in our daily rental fee for our customers living in greater Victoria area. Please contact us to find out our delivery rates outside of Greater Victoria.
What method of payments do you accept?
You can order online and pay using VISA or MasterCard. We also accept cash and credit cards at the time of delivery.
Do you charge cancellation fees?
No, you will enter your payment information online when you order your castle. If you cancel your event for any reason, you will receive a full refund. You may also choose to pay by cash or credit card upon delivery.
Do I need to clean the Bounce House when the party is over?
As long as it is general cleaning, we will do it. If excessive cleaning is needed, a cleaning charge of $50 will be required.
I am planning to have my child's party at a park; can I have one of your bouncers there?
We can set up our units in local parks, however The City may require that you purchase a permit and/or reserve a site. Please check with The City before booking. Also keep in mind that you will need to make sure the site is equipped with power outlets, if not you will also need to rent a generator. We cannot set up bounce houses on the beach.
Are there any special power requirements?
Our Bounce Units require one or more standard 110v household outlets on separate circuits. We will supply up to 100 feet of extension cord if necessary.  We ask that you do not plug anything else in the same outlet as the one used for bounce house, as this could cause a circuit breaker to trip.

We have GENERATORS available for rent in case if there power outlets are not available or if the power source is more than 100 feet away.
What kind of access do you need when you deliver the Bounce Unit?
The Inflatables are wheeled in using a dolly, so we will need about 3.5’ wide path to get the castle in to your garden or venue. There may be an additional charge for challenging deliveries (e.g. very steep hill, lots of stairs).
How long do I get to keep the Bounce House for?
We mostly offer one day rentals. Our Inflatables usually get delivered in the morning between 9 am and Noon, and then collected in the evening between 5 and 7 pm. Other delivery and pick-up time can be arranged upon request. Depending on the time of the year, delivery and pick up times may vary.
How long does it take to set up a Bounce House?
Most bounce houses take about 20-30 minutes to set up.
Will the Inflatables harm my lawn?
In most cases, it will only temporarily flatten the grass, which should recover in a day or two.

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